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Yuvati Kenola

VA1 Mondo di Casa Palomba – V Xhakra vom Pendler

Yuvati Kenola - Stacked




FCI & AKC Export Pedigree


Black and Red



HD/ED Examination (PL):

Fast Normal / Normal



1/1/2020 FCI & AKC Export Pedigree Black and Red
TITLES: HD/ED Examination (PL): PRICE:
BH, IGP1, IGP2, KKL Fast Normal / Normal $4,000

Yuvati is an imported long coat female from Europe that is beautifully pigmented with excellent health and titling certificates, which comes to no surprise seeing the numerous World Champions within her pedigree. She has beautiful red and black pigmentation with a very nice facial expression. She has a higher certification in Schutzhund (IGP2) and has good hips and elbows. Her build is in perfect proportion, she has a powerful bite, is very well pigmented, has a solid temperament and great genetic health from both parents. She has an excellent temperament and is gentle and friendly in every situation!

Yuvati’s stellar health and temperament comes to no surprise because of her World Class Pedigree! Her father is VA1 Mondo di Casa Palomba, the #1 German Shepherd in the World in 2021! The G-parents include 2x VA1 Willy vom Kuckycksland, 2 Time World Champion and #1 German Shepherd in the World as well as VA1 Nelly von der Addingaste, #1 Female World Champion German Shepherd!

Yuvati Kenola     |     $4,000

VA1 Mondo di Casa Palomba

VA1 Mondo di Casa Palomba

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

2X VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA Opus vom Radhaus

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Milla vom Kuckucksland

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

SG Nita I della Valcuvia

IPO1, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Landos vom Quartier Latin

SCHH2, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Pania della Valcuvia

SCHH2, KKL, HD:(a2), ED: (a1)

Xhakra vom Pendler

V Xhakra vom Pendler

IPO1, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V10 Gondor von Regina Pacis

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA1 Enosch von Amasis

SCHH3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA1 Lara von Regina Pacis

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA1 Nelly von der Addingaste

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Xero zur Wolfskammer

SCHH3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED: (a1)

V Madonna vom Lehnhof

SCHH1, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)