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ELLY von Zeal

VA5 Quoran d’Ulmental – V Attike Asarko Lordana




AKC Pedigree


Black and Red



04/23/2019 AKC Pedigree Black and Red

Elly is a breath-taking World Class female! She has great anatomical proportions, is very confident, courageous, has a beautiful gate, excellent with kids and other animals, has an extremely desirable temperament, clear mask, and dark eye. She is extremely red and black pigmented. She would be an ideal fit for any home – whether she’d be a family companion, one of many home pets, show and competition female, or future breeding female, Elly is bound to impress anyone that sets their eyes on her! She is the daughter of World Champion VA5 Quoran d’Ulmental!

She has excellent genetic-health and the makeup of a true World Champion German Shepherd.

Her father, Quoran, is an impressive stud with a superior World Class pedigree! He is a medium-sized male with very good expression, dry and firm gate, high withers, very good back line and good length ad position of the croup, with very good angulation of the fore and hindquarters. He has a beautiful pace, safe in nature, TSB pronounced, very distinctive character, and excellent for improving the German Shepherd herd. Quoran is the grandson of 2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard – Two Times World Champion Male as well as VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag – World Champion Male! WOW!

Her mother, Attike, is a beautiful female with a World Class pedigree! She is a confident female, powerful, strong bite, pronounced head, clear in the head, correct proportion, safe in nature, solid temperament, harmonious and firm, angled hindquarters, secure temperament and excellent genetic health from both parents. Daughter of VA1 Optimus vom Pendler- World Champion Male and V1 ZZ-Top Asarko Lordana. G-parents consist of VA2 Nino von Tronje- 2nd Champion in the World and Sg7 Cookie vom Pendler- 7th Champion Young Dog of the World. Numerous more World Champions make up this tremendous females pedigree!

VA5 Quoran D’Ulmental

IPO3, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Baru di Croce Santo Spirito

IPO2, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard

SCHH.3, Kkl.1, HD:(a2), ED:(a1)

V Zeta del Murnighello

IPO1, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Clea d’Ulmental

SCHH.1, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag

IPO.3, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a2)

V Venus d’Ulmental

SCHH.1, Kkl.1, HD:(a2), ED:(a1)

V Attike Asarko Lordana

IPO1, BH, KKL, HD:(a2), ED:(a1)

VA Optimus vom Pendler

IPO3, Kkl.1, HD:(a2), ED:(a1)

V1 Arre vom Huhnegrab

IPO2, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V SG7 Cookie vom Pendler

IPO1, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V97 ZZ-TOP Asarko Lordana

IPO1, HD:(a2), ED:(a1)

VA Nino von Tronje

SCHH.3, Kkl.1, HD:(a2), ED:(a2)

V Mili Asarko Lordana

IPO1, Kkl.1, HD:A, ED:0/0