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Kevin and Steve Zawilinski

MARCH 15TH, 2023 MAY 10TH, 2023 4 PUPPIES SOLD


MARCH 15TH, 2023


MAY 10TH, 2023





V1 Falco z Lipe Moravia

VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland – V Naila von Melanchthon

V4 USA Sieger, V2 Poland Sieger, IGP3, Kkl, Normal / Normal (SV)

Ula von Zeal

VA3 Asap vom Aldamar – V1 Shakira Kenola

IGP1, Hips & Elbows – Normal / Normal

We’re absolutely delighted to be announcing this superstar of a litter! The father of our upcoming litter is our beautiful V1 Falco z Lipe Moravia! Falco is a jaw-dropping German Shepherd that has produced offspring that are some of the most beautiful German Shepherds we’ve seen! Ula, the mother of this litter, is one of our favorite up and coming females we have at our kennel! We cannot wait to see the high caliber of German Shepherds she should have with her bombshell of a pedigree!

Both the mother and father of this litter have an outstanding show record on both sides of the pedigree! These puppies should retain the beautiful deep red and black pigmentation of their parents, have excellent temperaments and drives, as well as superior anatomical proportions. Such puppies will excel in shows and competitions, thrive in obedience and protection training, and most importantly be ideal family pets that are going to be both beautiful, loyal, and protective.

World Class Pedigree consisting of nothing but Champions!

Falco is a CHAMPION MALE IN TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES! What an accomplishment! He was also 2ND RANKED DOG IN GERMANY! In 2018 alone he was achieved a V2 show rating at the Polish Sieger show – 2ND BEST MALE and a V4 show rating at the USA Sieger show – 4TH BEST MALE! In addition, Falco has an extremely low Breed Value (ZW) at 73! This is a super healthy hip value!

This absolutely stunning young stud has excellent hips and elbows, strong bone structure, MASSIVE HEAD, absolutely clear in the head, the most beautiful and pronounced black mask we have ever seen, excellent drive and power, fully titled (IGP3) and recommended to breed (KKL). He has a superior pedigree and stellar genetically healthy parents and the son of the Current World Champion Male amongst numerous World Champions.

His father is VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland, World Champion Male 2018! Mother is Siegerin Naila von Melanchthon, that is the Highest Evaluation Attainable by a Young Dog! G-parents are VA Opus vom Radhaus, World Champion Male, and VA2 Nathalie von Akcudia, 2nd Female in the World! GG-parents consist of 2x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschalg, 2x World Champion Male, VA1 Franco vom Kuckucksland, VA1 Bella vom Kuckucksland, VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll, and Sg Oprah von Aurelius, ALL WORLD CHAMPION DOGS COLLECTING 6 WORLD CHAMPION TITLES IN ONE GENERATION! WOW, that is a power family bound for superior results!

Ula, the beautiful mother of this fantastic litter. Her mother is SG 33 rated at the the German Sieger Show! The 33rd Best Young Female German Shepherd in the World! Ula is also titled (IGP1) and has excellent hip and elbow evaluations completed and assessed Normal/Normal – the best attainable results! She has a fantastic temperament and has a ready to please attitude. She is fantastic with other dogs, whether big or small as well as kids and adults alike! Ula is also the daughter of VA2 Asap vom Aldamar – the #2 Excellent Select Champion German Shepherd in the World! This is one of the most sought after German Shepherds currently in the World known to produce a very high caliber of offspring!

All German Shepherds in this pedigree are titled with excellent hip and elbow evaluations! They have proved themselves countless times on the show and competition rings around the world where they have been judged for their excellent temperaments and character, their outstanding physical anatomies, and breathtaking pigmentations. As a result, we expect our puppies to not only have superb genetic health but also be a representation of what the best is in the German Shepherd world!

All puppies from Zeal German Shepherds come with a full AKC pedigree, are up to date on all vaccines, fully dewormed, have their own custom Pet Passports, as well as our full 12 month Health and Temperament Warranty giving you the peace of mind you should expect when purchasing such high quality puppies. All of our clients also get us for a lifetime of recommendations and tips when it comes to anything and everything related to their new pets as we have experienced countless of challenges throughout our many years of raising these beautiful companions ourselves!

World Class Puppies – Outstanding for Family, Protection & Show!

V1 Falco z Lipe Moravia

IGP3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA Opus vom Radhaus

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V22 Milla vom Kuckucksland

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Naila von Melanchthon

IPO1, ZVV1, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA Etoo aus Wattenscheid

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a2)

VA2 Nathalie von Alcudia

SCHH3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED(a1)


Ula von Zeal

IGP1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA3 Asap vom Aldamar

IGP3, Kkl, HD:(a2), ED:(a1)

VA3 Fight vom Holtäamper Hof

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Galina vom Frankengold

IPO2, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V1 Shakira Kenola

IGP1, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA9 Team Marlboro Hilton II

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Hana Kenola

IPO1, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a2)