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V1 Mondo di Casa Palomba – V1 Xhakra vom Pendler




FCI Export Pedigree


Black and Red


Normal / Normal





01/01/2020 FCI Export Pedigree Black and Red
Normal / Normal BH / IGP1 SOLD

Yogi is a World Class German Shepherd dog! He is a large bodied male with great proportions leading to a powerful, far-reaching gate. He has a dark eye, dark mask and great pigmentation! He has an extremely desirable temperament and a ready to please attitude in any situation he faces. Yogi would excel in a competition and has been training for the show ring, in obedience, bite-work, and tracking. He is great with kids and other animals and would be well suited for home environment searching for a loyal and loving German Shepherd. He is sure to impress everyone that has the opportunity to see him in person!

Yogi has an excellent pedigree that is known for stellar genetic health as well as numerous VA World Champion rated German Shepherds! His father is V1 Mondo di Casa Palomba! Mondo’s father, Yogi’s grandfather, is the current and 2X VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland – #1 German Shepherd in the World! His grandfather is VA Opus vom Radhaus – Excellent Select German Shepherd!

 His mother is Xhakra vom Pendler is also an excellent V rated German Shepherd in one of the highest regarded German Shepherd kennels of the world. She is the daughter of V10 Gondor von Regina Pacis and VA1 Nelly von der Addingaste – #1 German Shepherd female in the World in 2014. Her grandparents are VA1 Enosch von Amasid and VA1 Lara von Regina Pacis – BOTH Excellent Select German Shepherd and #1 in the World during their show career!

Yogi’s immediate 3 generation pedigree consists of 6 VA Excellent Select World Champion rated German Shepherds! That is half of his entire pedigree. WOW!

Yogi is ready to be imported for a family searching for such a young adult German Shepherd male! The price includes all importation fees as well as reregistration for his new family in the US! Yogi also comes with our full 12 month health and temperament warranty!

VA Pedigree Bloodlines

Yogi     |     

Mondo di Casa Palomba

V1 Mondo di Casa Palomba

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1) ,ED:(a1)

2 X VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA Opus vom Radhaus

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V22 Milla vom Kuckucksland

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

SG1 Nita della Valcuvia

IPO1, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Landos vom Quartier Latin

SCHH2, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a2)

V Pania della Valcuvia

SCHH2, Kkl, HD:(a2), ED:(a1)

Xhakra vom Pendler

Xhakra vom Pendler

IPO1, KKL, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V10 Gondor von Regina Pacis

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA1 Enosch von Amasid

SCHH3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA1 Lara von Regina Pacis

IPO3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA1 Nelly von der Addingaste

IPO3, KKL, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Xero zur Wolfskammer

SCHH3, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V Madonna vom Lehnhof

SCHH1, Kkl, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)