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Kevin and Steve Zawilinski

UGO Kalupus

V SG3 ZORRO vom La’Mirage – V CZESIA Kalupus







Black and Red (Show Coat)


IPO1, IPO2, KKL, V1 – Excellent

HD/ED Examination (SV):

Normal / Normal



09/30/2015 FCI Black and Red (Show Coat)
TITLES: HD/ED Examination (SV): PRICE:
IPO1, IPO2, KKL, V1 – Excellen Normal / Normal $15,000

Ugo is an extremely well built male with rich pigmentation, good expression in the face, masculine head structure and overall strong body type. He is a blocky build with a firm back, strong chest and solid movement in the gate. Ugo is a fantastic dog to work with in obedience and protection. He is always clear in the head and eager to please. He is fully titled through IPO2, recommended to breed with his KKL title, and rated excellent V1 in show. He has excellent SV rated hips A1/A1! Ugo has a great reputation in Europe to be a tremendous producer, not only producing healthy and geneticly sound puppies but also with tremendous drive and expression. We’re excited to put one of our top studs for sale knowing he will be an exceptional protection, family, or stud dog for many.

Ugo has an exceptional pedigree filled with numerous World Champion dogs! He is the son of SG3 Zorro vom La’Mirage (BSZS JHKL 2014), the 3rd Best Young dog in the World and SG Czesia Kalupus, excellent young dog rating! His g-parents are World Champion dogs including VA Saabat von Aurelius, Champion Male and VA2 Nino von Tronje, Second dog in the World! His gg-parents are ONLY Champion dogs which consist of VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll, World Champion male and VA6 Nando vom Gollerweiher, 6th best dog in the World, to name a few!! Tremendous young studs like this don’t hit the market often and we are pleased to offer such an excellent stud!


V SG3 ZORRO vom La’Mirage

IPO3, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA SAABAT von Aurelius

IPO3, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA1 OBER von Bad-Boll

SCHH.3, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V BRENDHA do Mhuramel

SCHH.1, IPO1, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V LAILA vom Schollweiher

IPO1, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

VA6 AREX von der Wilhelmswarte

SCHH.3, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V FRAYA d’Ulmental

SCHH.1, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)


V CZESIA Kalupus

IPO1, Kkl.1, HD:(a2), ED:(a1)

VA NINO von Tronje

SCHH.3, Kkl.1, HD:(a2), ED:(a2)

V17 IROK Karanberg

SCHH.3, Kkl.1, HD:(a2), ED:(a3)

VA5 NADJA von Jabora

SCHH.2, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)

V PASJA Kalupus

IPO1, HD:A, ED:0/0

VA NANDO vom Gollerweiher

SCHH.3, IPO3, FH2, Kkl.1, HD:(a2), ED:(a1)

VA2 ARMI z Dobrego Kojca

IPO1, Kkl.1, HD:(a1), ED:(a1)