"We expect nothing less than excellent, while delivering more than expected"

Kevin and Steve Zawilinski



Every young adult and adult German Shepherd at our kennel exemplifies exactly what we like to see from our German Shepherds! Coming from the top bloodlines in the German Shepherd world, you can expect all dogs to have fathers, mothers, and multiple grandparents in the pedigree to be ranked as a recent World Champion. It is not uncommon to have multiple VA World Champion titles in every pedigree here at Zeal German Shepherds. This ensures that this dogs bloodlines exemplify everything a German Shepherd should exhibit. All of these parents have excellent hips and elbow evaluations, are fully titled (IGP/IPO) and recommended to breed (KKL). This alone requires stellar results in training – tracking, obedience, protection – temperament and shows.

Due to genetic makeup and upbringing, each dog has a superior physical build, beautiful snouts, dark eyes, clear heads, and of course very black and red pigmentation. Each dog comes with a plethora of supplies and bonuses from our kennel as well as our 12 Month Health and Temperament Guarantee!

Full payments to reserve your dog are required as they are immediately available for new homes. If something else needs to be arranged, don’t hesitate to reach out with your needs!




Pixy von Zeal

SG1 Ohio vom Pendler – V1 Taila von Baccara

Zoja von Zeal

VA1 Bruce von Cohinor – V Abi Rostinger Wolf


Yuvati Kenola

VA1 Mondo di Casa Palomba – V Xhakra vom Pendler

Hana von Wolf Zucht

V Archybald Dvor od Petra – SG Eska Kenola

Gamba Team Wolf-Berg

V Ali Team Wolf-Berg – V Hanka Tombo

V Pariss Dlha Roven

VA ILIANO vom Fichtenschlag – V SG81 KITTY Dlha Roven

Eiffel von Zeal

VA5 Quoran d’Ulmental – V Attike Asarko Lordana

Elly von Zeal

VA5 Quoran d’Ulmental – V Attike Asarko Lordana

Bacardi von Zeal

VA1 GARY vom Huhnegrab – V GOYA Sukcesor

V Java Kenola

2xVA1 BALLACK von der Brucknerallee – VA2 BRITT von der Wannsee

SG2 PL Hermiona Kenola

VA3 MARLO von Baccara – V1 XANIA Kenola

Yoshi Kalupus

VA FULZ di Zenevredo – VXARA Kalupus

V Rachel House Gaurd

VA3 MARLO von Baccara – V VEKTRA Fixfrutta

Toga Tombo

VA1 GARY vom Hühnegrab – VMILA Tombo